World without energy

Having the ability to flip a switch to turn on overhead lights or adjust a knob on the stove for morning tea is the means of energy for most people. Now, the challenge is to think about; what the world would look like without any connection to energy? How it would affect your life and impact everything you see, touch and do each day of the year.

Given the increasing demand for energy in our global society and the need to provide energy for future growth, all sources of energy are attractive event coal or oil.

The role of energy in powering our lives is huge. It was only in the last two hundred years in human history that the fossil fuel dwarf, the ancient wonders and automated machines do the work of hundreds of humans in a fraction of time.

The energy we use daily for activating our machines and heating our homes is equivalent to hundreds if not thousands of very fit men pedalling away all day and night. No king ever lived as extravagantly as the average person does in a first world country today.

Here’s the thing: energy is nearly as important as the air we breathe and the water we drink, yet not everyone has ready, reliable access to energy.

A world without energy. Sounds very unlikely and even impossible, because we all are surrounded by energy every hour, every minute, every second and every millisecond. Even trying to imagine a world like that is very difficult, isn’t it?



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