Corporate Human Rights Benchmark – 2017 Results

Respect for Human Rights is a fundamental aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility. That is why some investors and civil society organizations, such as Aviva, Vigeo Eiris, or the EIRIS Foundation decided to launch an as complete as possible benchmark on the topic.



Why a benchmark ?

The benchmark has several objectives. It aims to improve corporate performance regarding Human Rights, by providing them the knowledge and external perspective much needed. But ranking is also considered as a stimulation. Indeed, the main purpose of a benchmark is to stimulate competition, to motivate a company to do better than its rivals. The report is based only on publicly available information.

A very large rate.

98 of the largest companies in the world have been evaluated. The benchmark aims to assess, through 100 human rights indicators, corporate performance on the matter. Each company has received a grade, on the scale of 100.  BHP Billiton is the best performer, with a score of 69. The report points out that the average score is (sadly ?) 28.7. Only three companies get more than 60.

Several French companies were evaluated, such as Total (overall score: 49), Pernod-Ricard (38), Danone (28), Kering (28), Christian Dior (26), Carrefour (21), and Hermes (20).

Themes measured.

Six main topics were assessed : governance and policies, embedding respect and human rights due diligence, remedies and grievance mechanisms, human rights practices, responses to serious allegations and transparency.

For example, indicators can be child labor (if the company is doing age verification and corrective actions), freedom of association and collective bargaining, women’s rights, working hours, the Board’s role and responsibility, the commitment to respect policies etc.


You can check every details of the results on the website:

And the report to get a comprehensive picture :


Photo by Jerry Kiesewetter on Unsplash

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