Apple vows to use only recycled materials for its products

The IT colossus Apple has released an objective in its yearly environmental report. Published Thursday 15th April 2017, it said that the group wants to use only recycled materials for its products « one day ».

A corporation which wants to show the example

Apple has a goal, which is to use only recycled materials for Iphone’s development.  Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environmental, political and social initiatives said that, for once, Apple announced something without a clear roadmap.

This statement, according to the 2017 Environment Responsibility Report, is following another objective. Knowing that 96 per cent of the energy used at global facilities in 2016 came from renewable energy with 100 percent attained in some 24 countries and data centers (including the United States and China). The goal behind it is the publicity that will be generated if ever Apple is able to declare iPhones and other products litigation-free.

Greenpeace welcomes this decision. However, the NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) emits a damper, saying that “while transitioning to 100 percent recycled materials is critical to reducing the sector’s footprint, it is also fundamental for Apple and other major IT companies to design products that last, are easy to repair and recyclable at the end of life.” In other terms, using recycled materials is a great thing, but developing sustainable cellphones is also something to take into consideration.

Apple counts on technology to make this possible

The Liam robot was specifically designed and created for iPhone recycling. It allows a better disassembly of the iPhone and its components. So that, they can be retrieved and reused later. The goal of the firm is to form a closed-circuit supply chain thanks to this technology.

By recycling the Iphone’s components, Apple will free itself from mining industry. The materials needed to build an entire iPhone are very diversified and sometimes rare or pollutant (like gold or lithium).  So Apple’s will is to succeed developing iPhones only with recycled materials. It’s less expensive and better for the environment. Less than 16 percent of global e-waste was recycled in 2014, according to a United Nations University report released earlier this year.

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