Crowdfunding for renewable energies

In a context of economic crisis, crowdfunding seems to be an appropriate solution to foster the development of projects relating to sustainable development and renewable energy.



  • Crowdfunding a solution for renewable energies :

Basically crowdfunding is about funding a project by raising money from anyone who wishes to finance it (a real boost !) There are specialized platforms to help small Companies for example. In exchange of their contribution, participants can receive various forms of compensation, such as shares, gifts or simple thank-you letter. This concept explodes online : it is fast and efficient.
Today, crowdfunding in sustainable development and renewable energies’ projects is developed worldwide. Indeed, in times of economic crisis and energy transition, this system seems to be a good opportunity to support innovative projects.

  • The benefits of this concept :

This system has many advantages. First, it makes it possible to subsidize innovative projects that are expensive. Second, it allows to raise awareness among the public around specific issues. Third, participating in these projects provides a real sense of adherence. In other words, it is a collective awareness.
The European Union has clearly understood the opportunity of the concept by creating its own platform :

  • The French example via the Lumo platform

In France, the Lumo platform is specialized in the development of renewable energies. Crowdfunding via Lumo is divided into three phases:
1. The interested person shall choose one of the projects proposed for the production of electricity by REN. There are wind, solar, hydraulic and biomass projects. For each project, you can see the description, the kitty’s remaining time and the money already collected.
2. The project is co-financed. The operator will sell the electricity produced to EDF or to the local electricity services.
3. Through the sale of electricity the operator pays back the participants with interest.

The Lumo platform gives advices on participatory investments and financial engineering. It also proposes open conferences and debates in case participants encounter any issues.
Lumo has already implemented several projects. For example, we can mention the creation of a micro hydroelectric power station in Champagne Ardenne. On the question of financing, co-financing was introduced linking between the Region, ADEME and the citizens. Thanks to the citizens via the Lumo platform, 140,000 euros were raised. Participants were able to buy shares at a cost of around € 25 per share from the operating company. The micro hydroelectric power station was put into service in spring 2016. It is expected to produce about 610,000 kWh/year, enough to meet the needs of 200 residential homes.

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