Donald Trump’s energy plans for the USA


The USA should put an end the previous energy and environnemental Policy which was driven by Barack Obama. At a time when the environmental concerns are at the heart of current affaors, Donald Trump is likely to break with this international burst of enthusiasm.

During the presidential campaign, Donald J. Trump said he would reverse the United States’ adhesion to the Paris agreement and get rid of the Clean Power Plan.

A Trump administration may decide to move against those efforts undertaken by the Obama administration — by limiting the budget of the E.P.A. or slowing progress on federal initiatives, for example.

To make that happen, Donald Trump is building an admnistration of climate change skeptics.

For the position of the Secretary of State, Donald J. Trump officially selected Rex W. Tillerson, the chief executiv of “ExxonMobil”. This company has made a billions of dollars in oil contrats.

In choosing Scott Pruitt, a close ally of the fossil fuel industry, to run the Environmental Protection Agency, Mr. Trump has signaled a desire to dismantle President Obama’s actions to counter climate change.

Mr. Trump’s decisions will be important, but not the sole factor in how close the United States gets to reaching its emissions goal.



Nowadays, the US is one of the biggest clean energy producers in the world. A large part of its growing economy is reliant on renewable energy. According to the Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index (RECAI), the US is forecast to see an additional 41 GW and 56 GW of wind and solar respectively through to 2021. 18GW of that is due to the recent five-year production and investissement tax credit extension.

Energy markets are shifting; coal power has been declining while wind and solar power  usage has made gains recently. The global demand for coal is lower and natural gaz is even cheaper than coal. Deleting environmental legislation will not get old jobs back in those sectors.

Finally, one must wonder if these campaign trail promises will be keeped. For sure, there will be a huge gap between USA energy policy and international hopes. For example, the President Elect will encourage the construction of refineries. Such decisions would necessitate revisions to the environmental commitments made during the COP 21.

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