Safe water cube : Drinkable water for all

Jean Paul Augereau, a 49-year-old Frenchman, invented the “safe water cube” which makes possible to transform 1000 litters  per hour of non-potable water into drinking water without using electricity or chemicals.


Access to clean water around the world : 
According to a 2015 WHO (Word Health Organization) report, 663 million people do not have access to safe, drinking water. That number represents 9% of the world’s population. Thus the problem of accessing to drinking pure water remains a major problem around the world.


How the « safe water cube » works :
This device is a stainless steel box of 1m20 by 1m20 which makes possible to purify water coming from ponds, rivers or any other water source. The tank is filled either with a pipe or by hand. Then, operating a manual pump initiates the process: the water in the safe water cube is filtered 5 times (sand filter, activated carbon, micro filter, etc.) Filtration manages to lock viruses and bacteria without removing the minerals contained in the water. Thus the cloudy water becomes clear but must importantly drinkable. This water filtered by the safe water cube has been certified by a bailiff in accordance with the criteria set by the WHO.
Major advantages :
Of course there are other similar systems but the main strength of this invention is its efficiency. Indeed, the safewater cube can produce 1000 litters of drinking water per hour which provides the consumption of about 1000 people on a daily basis. The safe water cube does not need electricity to operate and requires very low maintenance. The users would just need to clean the filters with water and vinegar and change one of the filters every 4 months.


Important issues for the planet :
The safe water cube, very easy to use and mobile, is an adequate response to the lack of access to drinking water. Several countries such as Benin, India, Sri Lanka and Hahiti have already benefited from this revolutionary system.


The association « Agir Ensemble » (« to act together »)
Jean Paul Augereau decided to create the association “Agir ensemble” to raise funds to acquire a broader knowledge  and to export his invention worldwide.


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