Farm From a Box

This new concept of container farming goes way beyond simple self-contained hydroponics systems that have, up until now, been the novelty in sustainable agriculture. “Farm From a Box” provides all necessities for farming a 2 acre area and providing food for a whole community.



Farm From a Box is a fully integrated, self-contained farming unit that can be run completely off the grid. It was designed to increase food security and provide a sustainable source of income.

Each unit comes with its own renewable energy power supply in form of solar panels. These provide all the energy needed for farming the entire 2 acres of land. The inventors considered it vital to supply more than only the technologies that make farming easier. They were well aware of the lack of energy and its unreliability in many parts of the world. By providing a farming system with its own energy supply they manage to offer a “start-from-scratch”-solution that powers itself sustainably.

In their quest to find the “most efficient and environmentally beneficial closed-loop food production system” the inventors tried out many different farming techniques and innovations, including NASA-tested chicken manure processors, to find the optimal solutions for Farm From a Box. They consulted specialists in farming, sustainable energy, development cooperation and government as well as local farmers, communities and especially women. In the end, many simple but effective innovations in farming were included in Farm From a Box (such as drip irrigation for example) while completely new technological advances in the area of smart farming (connectivity, automation) were also added.

The units do not only include all tools and infrastructure necessary for farming, but also provide a training system designed to teach sustainable farming techniques and optimal usage of the “Fram From a Box” by the entire community.

A prototype of the system is currently being tested in California. The entire “Farm From a Box” will cost around $50.000 (€44.082) and will include a 3kW solar power system, micro-drip irrigation, basic tools, farming sensor technology, Wi-Fi and cloud capability, a charging area for small electronic devices, a water purification system and a seedling house. The whole system is expected to go into production very soon and can be pre-ordered in the US.



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