Increasingly, the world understands the need to seek renewable power sources and also the importance of diversity in generating electricity.


The world advances to the generation of renewable energy, at the expense of energy sources that become depleted over time.

The great examples of new energy are wind, solar (through solar panels), biomass, and more. They will gradually replace the non-renewable energy sources such as oil.

However, not enough renewable energy is produced to guaran energy efficiency for the environment and the population.

It is not enough that the energy of the future comes from a renewable source. It is also necessary to be efficient enough to ensure energy supply and social and economic development. Especially in developing countries where electricity consumption far exceeds already well-developed countries.

In order to obtain the best energy sources it is necessary for governments to adjust the so-called energy mix, which is the need for diversity in energy sources.

Otherwise, there may be a problem with power generation, if the sources are not enough, or decrease with time.

The great example is Brazil, who spent years building hydroelectric plants and has almost 80% of its energy supply from river water.

Because of global warming, many of these rivers had no water. This greatly reduced the generation of electricity and brought serious problems for the Brazilian electricity sector and development of the country.

Today, the Brazilian Government invests more heavily in power generation than hydropower in order to overcome this problem.

‘In addition, the crisis in the energy sector in recent years, aggravated by drought in 2014 and 2015 made it urgent to diversify the energy matrix, ” says Lilian Alves, an analyst working for a financial analysis firm in the energy sector, Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF).

We cannot allow only one source of energy as the main supply of energy in any country. There must be a diversity of energy sources, preferably in similar proportions.

No one can predict what may come in the future.

Ensuring energy diversity is the duty of any government and avoids future problems regarding the generation of electricity.

Rio de Janeiro, August 6, 2016.



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