The Solutions Project : Mark Ruffalo’s initiative on transitioning to 100% clean renewable energy and its social benefits

The renewable energy revolution is happening now and we need more initiatives like The Solutions Project. Co-founded by actor and environmental advocate Mark Ruffalo, the organisation addresses the issues of climate change from a cultural, economic and scientific perspective, and shows that transitioning to 100% renewable energy is not only good for the environment, human health and the economy, but it is also a way to achieve a better community life and democratic system.

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Accelerating transition to 100% renewable energy for all people and purposes

The Solutions Project is a data-driven foundation that works on making the transition to 100% renewable energy possible everywhere in the world. It was created in 2011 by the actor Mark Ruffalo, the Stanford environmental engineer Mark Jacobson, the documentary film producer Josh Fox and the clean energy investor Marco Krapels. Since then, it is among the most influential organisations fighting against climate change via a bottom-up approach, which demonstrates how important is the role of common people, of the cities and of the regions in the renewable energy revolution that we are living today.

Changing the discussion on clean energy

Post-COP21, Mark Ruffalo explains that solidarity is a crucial part of the transition – “some countries will need financial help, but the payoff of investing in them will be tremendous”. Even today, we have the technical equipment for this transition; all we have to overcome are the political barriers. And this will become possible when common people will understand that renewable energy is not just a muffled political dialogue in the distance, but rather something that concerns everyone and a process everyone can take part in. By implicating people from various domains of influence, The Solutions Project’s purpose is to address the issues of climate change from a cultural, economic and scientific perspective, thus encouraging people from every background to feel concerned and involved.

Clean energy as a force to democratisation  

An important aspect of renewable energy is that it is most frequently a local energy. And local renewable energy means local jobs and local economies, it means not depending on a “troubles regime or a faraway company” to quote Mark Ruffalo himself. The Solutions Project shows that while renewable energy is indubitably good for the planet and the human health, it also has tremendous social and economic benefits for common people. It leads to ending poverty, it leads to a better education and a better community life, it also leads to democratisation. Positively, this is one more reason why everyone should take part in the renewable energy movement – it is (part of) the solution to inequality. Lastly, just like every other revolution, the renewable energy revolution needs purpose-driven people.


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