The Edge – the most intelligent building in the world

Situated in Amsterdam, The Edge has been voted most sustainable building in the world by the international authority Building Research Establishment. But The Edge is so much more than that – it is also the greenest, most connected and possibly most comfortable office building in the world.

The edge

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The most sustainable building in the world

As the corporate headquarters of the consultant firm Deloitte, The Edge is 40 000 m2 of office space with energy efficient design and passive temperature control. There are solar panels on the south façade and on the rooftop, satisfying all of the building’s needs of electricity. A thermal storage system is responsible for the heating and cooling of the building. Even rain water is collected and used to flush the toilets and irrigate the green areas. Transport commodities are not forgotten: there is public transportation, more than 500 bicycle parking spaces, and charges available for electric cars.


Philips’ connected lightning system – more than just illumination

The Edge is created as the first ever building in the world that’s 100% internet connected. With some 28 000 sensors, basically everything in the building is smart and app-operated.

One of the most innovative aspects of The Edge is its’ lightning system, created by Philips. Not only is it 80% more efficient than normal lightning systems, each and every single one of the LED lamps (anonymously) transmits data about temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, in order to establish a real-time view of energy usage in the building. The individual lights can be controlled by a mobile-app to adjust brightness and even create personal lightning profile.

But there is more than just the obvious. In fact, the system is also a sort of way-finding in the building. The mobile app of the user is recognised by the system and if needed, can direct him to his desired destination.


Fostering comfort by creating a working community like no other

The Edge is the perfect example that work should not be a tedious activity. The building was created in order to encourage a new way of working, and contribute to the health and well-being of the employees. For instance, there is no assigned desk in The Edge – your workplace changes daily based on your schedule or on your humour, thus encouraging new social interactions. Employees can choose between sitting or standing desks, meeting rooms, “concentration” rooms, work booths. The Edge is fostering work efficiency, as well as resource efficiency. Sustainability has thus become an important factor of the workplace.



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