Australia amongst last in climate change protection matter

credit: Anja_Klipic

Photo credit: Anja_Klipic

While the big and important players in our world like the  US, Germany or the UK are progressively working on various climate change protection methods and speaking out on the increasing importance of action, Australian’s government under Prime Minister Tony Abbott is still not coming any closer to displaying significant changes in their climate change policies.

Despite the fact that impacts of climate change are increasingly visible in this large country of the Southern Hemisphere, Tony Abbott has not backed down from his decision to abolish a carbon price, and he is continuously proving that his belief in a scientifically proven climate change has not risen or manifested.

The Australian Prime Minister has been asked to announce the country’s Carbon emissions climate targets and as he and Australian Environment Minister Greg Hunt did just that last week, the news earned a lot of negative comments in a very short amount of time. First critics of the matter were, not surprisingly, the Opposition and the Greens.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten has spoken out on the Abbott government proposition of a post-2020 emissions reduction target of 26 per cent by 2030 today, saying that Abbott’s “flat earth view” is holding Australia’s development back instead of pushing it forward. He fears the country would be ruined if the current government does not take the climate change matter more seriously.

The Greens share the Oppostion’s view, saying that the shown commitment by Abbott’s government is “inadequate” and “does not go far enough to avoid dangerous climate change”. It seems clear that if Australia were to attend The UN Climate Change Conference, which is to be held in Paris at the end of 2015, with the announced reduction target, it would put the country towards the very back of the list of reduction targets by countries around the world.





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