The world’s largest electric vacuum cleaner to suck up smog and turn it into jewellery

Pollution is everywhere, CO2 is highly concentrated in big cities. that’s why vacuum cleaners that suck up smog and turn it into jewellery sound like a multimillion euro idea.


Studio Roosegaarde recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to build the world’s largest smog-sucking electric vacuum cleaner in Rotterdam. The team, led by Netherlands-based innovator Daan Roosegaarde, is building a 23-foot-tall Smog Free Tower that will harvest carbon from the air and transform it into beautiful rings and cufflinks. The tower is expected to rise as soon as September. And if all goes well, the studio hopes to build many more smog vacuum cleaners across the globe.

They intend to build a tower that would clear 123 million cubic feet of smog every day. If they get funded, they will build the first smog-sucking tower this coming September. After the studio completes the first tower in its home country, more smog towers  are expected to be built in other countries, including China, Mexico and India.

The team also expect to convert 35,000 cubic feet of air into a diamond ring by compressing the captured carbon under high pressure and temperature. Anyone wishing to purchase cubes, rings or cufflinks can do so by supporting the project’s Kickstarter page. The pieces will range from $54 for a cube to $271 for a piece of jewellery.

50,000 €  is really an inexpensive project to overcome one major problem. Producing artificial diamonds is a bonus that could also contribute to the economic profitability  of the project. We hope that this project it is going to become reality and thus  reduce pollution around the planet.


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