Palmer Carlin : a wind energy pioneer

This man is a 91-year-old-wind energy Pioneer. He worked at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Source : nrel

Meeting with new inventors

This old man enjoys to spend time with would-be inventors. Three afternoons a week, Palmer comes into the Energy Department’s National Wind Technology Center at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to help people and answer questions.


Palmer joined NREL in 1986. In 1977, he decided to leave his job at the University of Colorado to assist in the creation of the Wind Energy Test Site. It was a site just near of the Atomic Energy Installation.

After that, he kept in touch through consulting at the Test Site.

In 1986, he decided to leave his job at the University in order to work at the Test Site.

He has recently worked at state workshop. With Alan Laxson and Eduard Muljadi, he wrote an history of Wind turbines.


He explained that the new inventors of wind machine call him really often. There are inventors, students and small businesses and entrepreneurs with a new idea. Once he recalled a man who believed he had a major discovery. And after a while, Palmers understood that the machine was a perpetual-motion machine and not a wind machine !

He has called these new inventors for 25 years and he filed the record. He enjoyed helping people because wind energy has remained a passion. He feels proud that we are trying to keep the planet’s temperature down, and for him, one way to do that is Wind.


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