Development of cycling infrastructures: new prospects

Bicycling is a cheap and effective transport method. Lately, there have been interesting initiatives to develop cycling infrastructures.

By promoting the use of bicycles as a primary transportation method, we not only reduce the pressure on public transportation, but we also promote for example, the development of new technologies capable of transforming kinetic energy into electricity.


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In London, a proposal to recycle abandoned subway tunnels under the city and link them together into pedestrian and bicycle highways2 won the 2015 London Planning Awards.3

We have to take into account that many of the London underground network is composed of disused rail tunnels. The project also propose the utilization flooring tiles4 capable to convert kinetic energy from users into electricity and thought limiting the carbon footprint.

An other example was conducted in Korea where a PV-covered bike lane was created connecting Sejong and Daejeon5 which offers a clean transit option that utilizes unused median space between the traffic lanes of an existing highway, while providing renewable solar electricity.


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The PV-covered bike lane runs approximately 32 kilometres, intended to be part of a proposed bike path network that will eventually cover more than 350 kilometres around the city of Sejong.

These projects should be taken more seriously as the technologies implemented tend to become more and more sophisticated and profitable. I.e. a pilot project in the Krommenie (Netherlands) proposed a test bike path that generates energy through solar cells embedded in the concrete7, and they have just announced that their pilot phase generated much more energy than expected. Even if some of the paths have been delaminated, this project seems to be headed in a good direction as it is not only well accepted, but even more and more demanded by the citizens.

So much the better, because, if we want it to succeed, we must use our bicycles.









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