England’s buses go green with poo !

On 20 November, 2014, England’s Bath Bus Company has put the UK’s first bio-bus into service. The bus is powered by human and food waste and will transport passengers on a 19 miles distance between Bath and the Bristol Airport.

What has already been working quite well for some years now in Sweden and a few other European countries, has recently been introduced to the British transport system. The question here is of a bus that runs on biomethane gas which is produced by sewage and food waste.

Local resources

The fuel for the 40-seat, environmentally friendly bus is actually provided by the people living in Bristol, as the biomethane gas is coming from Bristol’s sewage treatment facility.

According to GENeco, the company in charge of the sewage treatment, the amount of the yearly waste of five people is enough to fill the vehicle’s tank and a travel distance of 186 miles.

According to the GENeco general manager, Mohammed Saddiq, the sewage treatment plant is able to produce enough biomethane to both, fuel the Bio-Bus and provide almost 8,500 homes with natural gas. The plant has a treatment capacity of 75 million cubic meters of sewage waste and 35000 tons of food waste per year, generating 17 million tons of biomethane a year.

From waste to gas to the European Green Capital in 2015

The Bio-Bus shows that waste is not equal waste and that human poo and food waste can be valuable resources.

Furthermore it will help to establish the important value of separate food waste collections, which are now mandatory in all other regions.

Because of the city’s commitment to creating a more sustainable and healthier place for its inhabitants, the European Commission has awarded Bristol the titel of European Green Capital 2015.

The ecologically friendly bus, which releases 30 per cent less carbon dioxide, is just one of several initiatives the city has planned for next year. For further information on Bristol’s plans for 2015, please visit the official European Green Capital website http://www.bristol2015.co.uk/.





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