The rise of renewables in European energy production

A report from Enerdata, a European cabinet showed that renewable sources of energy are growing in European energy production. Much better, today they are first source of energy production in Europe. What can explain such a situation and what is today the state of renewables in the European states energy mix?

According to the EurOb’server, in 2012, the renewable energies were about 14% of the final energy consumption in Europe. In France such energies take part for 13.7% in the energy mix. In France, renewables represent 190 000 jobs and generate about 11 billion €. This situation shows the power of clean energies in Europe.
The report of Enerdata implies a new consideration. Countries like Denmark and Austria set objectives by a close date, in order to be “100% renewable” in their electricity production. Such countries and other like Scandinavian, seen as the leaders in clean energies represent a great part of a club that shouldn’t mask the bad situation of other countries.

After his controversial decision about the closure of its nuclear plants, Germany increased its use of soil and coal in its energy mix. Even if the country remains one of the leaders in the energy transition, the part of renewables is decreasing in its energy mix. To the contrary, France, his big neighbor is moving on its will to develop renewables. The report showed that the energy consomption in the G7 remains stable. Of course, between all these sources, wind power and solar remain leaders before biomass.
For the EU, this seems to be a great news when we know that the 2020 objective is to close to be achieved.

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