Google VS Apple : energy wars

The renewable energy industry is well past its training-wheels phase and now offers many ways to invest in all types of assets. We can see that companies like Google and Apple  are aggressively moving to solar, wind and other alternative energies.

Google is currently using renewable energy to power over 34% of his operations, and continues to look for ways to increase the use of clean energy. Google’s official website says “At Google, we’re striving to power our company with 100% renewable energy.”  This year Google spent $2.25 billion on data center and infrastructure spending, a huge area of costs for the company. If you take any top company like Google, Apple , Facebook  or Microsoft, you will see their common feature – they are all gigantic consumers of energy.That’s one of the reasons why they want renewables. But Google is the most aggressive in advancing a clean energy agenda, analysts say.


“Procuring power for ourselves and investing in…renewable power plants…all make business sense. They make sense for us as a company to do. We rely on power for our business” says Rick Needham, Google’s Director of Energy and Sustainability

In 2012 Greenpeace published its report, declaring Apple’s lack of clean energy use. According to How Clean is Your Cloud? project most major tech companies rely on coal to power their data centers and manufacturing.  While Google and Yahoo led the clean energy movement in the sector, scoring an “A” and “B” respectively, Apple scored a pitiful “D” on its score sheet.

In response to this accusation, Apple announced it would power its company with 100 percent renewable energy. Since 2012, Apple is standing by its commitment to be powered entirely by renewables company-wide and completely powers all of its energy-sucking data centers and 94 percent of its entire corporate operations with renewables. According to Greenpeace’s latest report, Apple has made the most improvement in transparency, internal conservation efforts and the use and advocacy of renewable energy.

Greenpeace acknowledged Apple’s swift turnaround in a statement: “Apple’s announcement shows that it has made real progress in its commitment to lead the way to a clean energy future. Apple’s increased level of disclosure about its energy sources helps customers know that their iCloud will be powered by clean energy sources, not coal.”

The new solar farm will be located in nearby Claremont, N.C. and will join two other 20-MW farms. Apple is also building an 18-to-20-MW CPV plant at its Reno, NV data plant.

You can check Apple’s environmental website.

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