Sustainability, a word which should be banned

Sustainability has been misused by several firms, that’s why this word may lose credibility.

blog-images-0990ffa7-4067-417b-93d7-fb7a56229556_jpgSince 1987, with the Bruntdland’s report, the sustainability has become a popular word, known by everyone.

But, this word is now meaningless. While the idea of corporate social responsibility (CSR) that became all the rage some time ago initially had worthwhile aims, it’s now more commonly used by corporations to out-worthy their competitors.

Originally, CSR encouraged firms to consider the impact of their business on society.

Now, a CSR policy in a firm enables it to differentiate from her competitors, whereas the activities of the corporation don’t respect the pillars of the sustainability, that it is called “greenwashing”.

The term has been misused and it may lose credibility.

So, how can we improve the situation and let the CSR label be credible? Should we enforce the criteria to be labeled ?

Certainly, there should be some changes. In fact, the CSR label should not be given to firms that don’t deserve it.

Firms use a greenwashing policy to improve their image and their turnover. So, they misuse some respectful principles to their profit, but we can’t let them to do that.

If they go on, the word “sustainability” will not have any value anymore.


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