Unite against climate change

This is what the most common of the Pacific Islands have to educate their governments on their vulnerability. This statement is called the “Majuro” and wrote that local commit to drastically limit their emissions of greenhouse gases and their pollution in general, but it is not enough. It’s more a scream of warning that a treaty encrypted addressed to the United Nations. Rising sea level is not a myth and the risks are real for the people of these islands have their houses located generally two or three meters above the sea level.

What is the observation made by the signatories of the Treaty of Majuro? Already the means implemented to fight against global warming are clearly inadequate; it is a unique commitment that must be made by all countries without exception. That must come exemplary of the most powerful countries. This is not the first time that communities unite to denounce global inactivity on this subject.

The basic problem remains the same, ecology is not a source of profit financially speaking, and nations that invest in this area lose competitiveness against those who refuse to recognize the pattern of consumption of fossil fuels can be the same as in industrial years. Countries are developing follow this reasoning and some industrialized countries. The commitment must pass political mandates and especially: He must now no longer commit to reductions X% but on ideology for clean and renewable growth.

A good point in this treaty, he was signed by countries yet who refuse to adopt a common environmental policy, Australia and New Zealand.

To conclude, let us remember a quote from this treaty to be spread: “The responsibility of all to act falls to every government, every company, every organization and every person with the capacity to do so, both individually and collectively.

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