Vast costs of arctic change

When the ice melts is quoted, we think first of wildlife and rising sea levels, some opportunistic business men think this font allows the development of new offshore gas resources and oil. But can we only use these untamed land and for how much?

It is a vicious circle action it will be felt in the nearest years, we must surely pay the price in the true sense of the word when we figure the consequences of the disappearance of the Arctic. Touching the chord of “money” we talking about 60 billion of dollars (a year of world GDP) is estimated to evaluate the cost induced of :  future major disasters , work on the coast to move homes, changing resources fisheries, the impact of deregulation of the balance of current North impacting rainfall and global temperatures, … The list is almost endless when you see that the whole world is affected, some directly, others indirectly. This colossal figure has not been established in order to make a bill for the relevant but it’s an alert on the uneconomic to exploit an area of ​​the world that resents the increase in global temperature due to global warming.

This funding bill is only the top of the iceberg, another underlying problem to consider is the excessive release of methane in the East Siberian Arctic Shelf, which is akin to  giant tank greenhouse gas emissions, in the form of gas hydrates. These amounts trapped in the soil could be released on a period of 50 years or sooner. And then this assumption would be a disaster.

It would be unrealistic to think that everyone will take responsibility for this invisible bomb ticking but all the mankind is concerned, current and future generations, then it is time to act in the right way, not in the ice road!

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