Human urine is used for the first time to charge a mobile phone

This new is incredible but it’s right and it works!









The system operates based on the fuel cell. Indeed, the bacteria are placed in containers of urine. These bacteria eat what is included in the urine and thus generates electrons. So these bacteria generate electricity

This new technology generated enough energy, with 1 litter of human urine, to make a six minute phone call and several text messages.

This research has been funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Research Council, also by the UK Technology Strategy Board and the Bill and Melinda GATES Foundation.

The GATES Foundation was primarily interested in developing this for the developing world. Indeed access to electricity is not always possible in these countries and this technology can produce cheap energy. According to the researchers, the technology microbial fuel cells can produce electricity directly from the degradation of organic matter, paving the way for use of fuel at very low cost or even free.

The researchers think that in the future we can provide the bathrooms with power  thanks to the urine power.

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