Lancaster : the sun city

Lancaster is a city of California State to USA. In Lancaster the sun keeps shining. The idea of Solar Capital comes from Mayor R. Rex Parris who likes the competition. He has the strong will that his city becomes the first solar capital of the world. The goal is to product all the electricity needed from solar energy.

Lancaster is a Californian City in the north of Los Angeles. This city has one of the best solar resources. The ambitious project of the  mayor consists to produce 126 megawatts in addition to 39 megawatts exiting and 50 megawatts built.

The mayor of Lancaster wants to transform this idea into obligation from the 1st January 2014, through legislation: all news houses must have solar panels  and each house must produce 1 kilowatt solar energy. However, the building industry is resistant to this law, but the mayor stays confident.

All the zones likely to have the solar panels  are developing. For example, the fields, parking, roofs of houses, roofs of administration’s building. There are a city hall, an arts center, and the stadium that provide 1.5 megawatts,too.

According to Michelle Kinman who defends the clean energy and the environment, Lancaster has tripled its solar panels installations on the houses.

This project allows to save energy and money,a good energy efficiency strategy, but also to create jobs.  Installation of solar panels decrease public spending and creates private jobs. It is an advantage in this context of real estate crisis end financial crisis.

Lancaster works with several partners like eSolar, SolarCity (program of solar funding): this is one of the largest program ever built, KB Home and BYD to create a habitation’s community in solar energy affordable (13 July 2010). Since 2010 two others community created.

Mayor’s ambition is to do Lancaster a renewable technology center to attract businesses. The  firms must have an idea to produce clean energy. He wants to promote the solar investments and for that reason he facilitates the administrative procedures of the implantation, if the company wants to set up a green energy. This is a good measure to attract companies.

Lancaster received a prestigious award of the World Award Energy Globe of Wolfgang Neumann 2012 to Vienne in Austria in September. Lancaster received the first price of the category “Fire” (reference 4 elements of the Earth: air, fire, water, earth.)

Lancaster created a public service and the city bought 32.094 solar panels installed on 25 school’s roofs and who produce 7.5 megawatts. According to the mayor, shame if is a republican, the global warming eventually becomes a reality and it is threatening to take seriously. The solar energy is a solution to choose.


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