Enjoy your drink without harnessing the environment

Coke-Ice-Bottle-537x402Two big companies from the drinks industry have got into new eco-friendly, pretty smart strategies.

The word is for Coca Cola and 7up who have discovered how to make the waste disappear.  If you are a marginally curious person you might wonder how you can make the waste disappear. The answer is pretty simple. By letting it melt.

Coca Cola has launched a new bottle made by frozen water which keeps the drink iced and does n ‘t produce waste as it totally melts after drinking its content. The bottle has the traditional shape of the Coca Cola ‘s bottle and is equipped with a rubber red band to protect your hand from getting frozen. This band becomes a bracelet after the bottle ‘s melting.

This new eco-friendly strategy in the Colombian market comes after the 7up ‘s “melting machine”  in Argentina, a big refrigerator installed on the road offering frozen and free 7up ‘s to people passing by.

Both gestures consist not only efficient marketing strategies but also two good practices for the environment. Unfortunately, they are still in a case study stage because they require extra refrigeration and that could possibly be incompatible with their eco-friendly purposes.

Areti Kostaraki, 21/07/2013

image taken by: www.inhabitat.com

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