Faguo: when the fashion becomes eco-responsible

A responsible brand established in 2009 by Nicolas and Frédéric, two friends still student.


FaguoFAGUO (http: // www.faguo-shoes.com / fr / fr) is a French brand which aims to be casual and trendy. This brand is dynamic, responsible and she is for the attentive city-dwellers liking the simplicity.

Two years after their launch, the sneakers of the brand meet a strong success in France and on the international stage with several hundreds of points of sale and an e-shop. Faguo it is not just shoes, it is also accessories and clothing line for child.

Easily recognizable with its button in walnut of coconut sewn on all its products, the brand is also synonym for commitments. Indeed, besides being interested in,its  carbon assessment and giving some work to handicaped persons, Faguo it is also a tree planted for every pair of basketball(sneaker) or every bought accessory (where from the small button!)


At the end of the year on 2013, it will be 240 000 trees which will have been planted in France and in Belgium since the launch of FAGUO!

FAGUO participates in the reforestation of not valued uncultivated grounds so that these become timberlands, accessible by all the customers FAGUO.

The brand realizes this project in partnership with the national nursery gardener NAUDET, specialized in the reforestation of forests and their maintenance.

Plantations have numerous virtues, in particular those to get of the CO2 and to allow the creation of a stock of carbon. This activity also participates in the valuation of the network forest-wood in France which, through a sustainable management, allows to produce some wood as raw material.

These standing forests will return other numerous departments as the conservation of the biodiversity, the protection of grounds against the erosion, the filtering of water, reception of the public …

Trees were already planted in about twenty plantations in France and one in Belgium: in Bourgogne, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Picardy, Haute-Normandie, Basse-Normandie and in Pays de la Loire …

So with has her two founders we cannot say more that fashion and environment cannot be compatible


Written by : Philippe Offenbroich

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