Piezoelectric is magic


What is piezoelectricity?

Piezoelectricity is electricity produced by pressure. When you walk, or when you dance you can produce electricity. Renewable energy can be harvested by the footstep, by a car or a train. Several companies work and develop products that allow producing this type of energy. Like on the video,piezoelectric tiles exist. Pavegen, a British company, built and sell tiles, which can be put in public places, like a street for example. An Israeli company has developed a piezoelectric system to put below the road or on rails lines.

Why choose this type of energy?

Piezoelectricity is a renewable energy which offers several advantages.

First, in our world where cities grow up every day, and where the population is always more concentrated, there are many places where we can install piezoelectric sources of production. We can imagine that every hall of railway stations, airport, or underground can produce energy just with footsteps of the passengers. During the Olympic games, Pavegen have installed tiles near the stadium. “West Ham tube station to the Olympic Park is going to receive an estimated 1.3 million visitors during the Games.” There is a big potential.

Then, the difference of wind power energy or solar energy with piezoelectricity is that it makes citizens participate in the production process. If every day you walk on tiles, and you see that thanks to your footsteps, you switch on street light, you can feel concerned by this production. Every user produces with the others energy for common comfort. This system has virtue to show the impact of people actions. We must work together for sustainable development. But piezoelectric tiles can’t be compared to wind turbines or solar panels. The quantitative production is less important, and the cost too. Every day, every weather, piezoelectric tile can be produced, the only thing that it needs is people. They are waterproof. Electricity can be stocked in battery, or be used in short distance electric circuit.

We can hope that piezoelectric tiles, take part in smart grids and smart cities.

To conclude, we can say that piezoelectricity is integrative, efficient, and contribute to develop the magic of a smart city.


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