“Green revolution”, is it a new Kondratieff cycle?

Our current era is found anchored in an unprecedented economic crisis, never seen since the Great Depression. Scholars see it as a sign of a new age, a new cycle or a new industrial revolution. Indeed, the current researchers realize our contemporary period as the advent of the sixth Kondratiev cycle. Sustainable development and the environment technologies can be linked to a new révolution : the « Green Révolution ».

The latter was  focused on the notion of structural cycles for about fifty years which would govern the world. Moreover, the beginning of a cycle is accompanied by a findind  to allowed the growing and eventually to its collapse, generally  it is an economic crisis. Kondratieff had identified five distinct cycles: the emergence of the steam engine (1780-1830), railway and Steel (1830-1880), electricity and chemistry (1880-1930), automotive and petrochemical (1930-1970) as well as information technology and communication (since 1970).

Today, global warming, rarefaction of natural resources or greenhouse gas emissions are many global issues that affect all countries and peoples. Issues including France have to do, during initiation the Environmental Conference on 14 and 15 September 2012, for the ecological transition. The roadmap provides, among other things, to focus on renewable energy and new technologies to promote a “new industrial and social revolution”.Moreover, emphasis will also be placed on the preservation of biodiversity and the protection of the environment. Development of new energy seems to be the remedy for the ills facing of economic sector. Governments adopt several measures gradually restricted to the use of non-renewable energy in favor of wind, solar or hydraulic. Indeed, the EU Directive on the promotion of renewable energy in 2020 set a 20% renewable energy in total energy consumption in Europe.

To conclude, the new global economy reached a new phase. The companies, the communities take to green with for example the construction of an eco-city, hybrid or electric car or the creation of unit methanization. The « green révolution » seems to be the future and the continuity of the old industrial revolution, with an additional consciousness.

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