Greek islands aim to develop smart grid infrastructure

In line with the central European strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, Greek islands are making use of key financing instruments to invest in clean, secure and competitive energy at the local and regional level.

The blast of an innovative initiative for the development of smart grid infrastructure in Greece has been recently announced by the European Investment Bank (EIB). The ISLE-SMART project aims to improve the quality of power supply in five Aegean islands that are not interconnected with the mainland. Moreover they aim on saving energy through demand side management and increase the penetration of renewable energy sources in the electricity mix. The smart grid infrastructure will be accompanied by smart meter utilities, large-scale PV installations and other sustainable energy technologies.

The Hellenic Public Power Corporation (PPC), being the owner of the electricity grid, has committed to implement the investment at selected islands (Lesvos, Limnos, Santorini, Milos and Kythnos). The project will embrace the development of the new structure of the grid functioning, in parallel with IT for data transmission and processing. It will be based on the installation of Energy Control Centers at the operational units and 100.000 smart metering utilities for every end- use point of the electricity network. Finally, the smart grid infrastructures will be accompanied by a large-scale installation of photovoltaic panels, through a cooperative investment scheme, as well as by the deployment of charging stations for a future electric vehicles fleet connected with green energy supplying systems.

Once the preparatory actions are completed and a coherent business plan is in place, the Hellenic Public Power Corporation will carry out the investment in the selected islands.


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