Negative effects of climate change:Are we ready to put things right?

Climate change is a worldwide phenomenon resulting in global warming and extreme weather conditions such as heat waves, forest fires, increased pollution, a decrease in rainfall and droughts which reduce water and food supplies. The planet no longer seems to be as trouble-free as it was a century ago.

To begin with, we can witness forest fires that leave large areas devastated. Where there used to be plenty of green trees and hills, which holiday makers would often visit for some fresh air, there is now devastation. Animal habitats and natural reserves where various species used to find protection, are now gone. Environmentalists point to an increase in the number of heat waves whereas, in the past, people used to think these fires were caused by land developers or human carelessness.
Therefore, the authorities need to take stricter protection measures, since they have to prevent not only arsons but also nature itself from taking its revenge.

Another change is increased pollution caused by various means of transportation. The number of drivers thirty years ago used to be much smaller than it is today. The same goes for other means of transportation such as airplanes. For example, travelers used to prefer trains to airplanes. The increase is responsible for heavier pollution. I believe that if we start using electric cars, we may reduce carbon emissions.

Moreover we should consider how climate changes influence daily life. Many countries are experiencing droughts. In the past, farmers would use water freely for their crops. This is no longer the case since food production is decreasing because rivers are drying up. Consumers no longer feel as safe about their staple diet as they used to, since water shortages cause food shortages. A solution could be rational, regulated access to water supplies for everyone until scientists find a way to reverse these climate changes.

In conclusion, climate changes cause several disasters. The problem, however, lies in human attitudes. Unfortunately, we have got used to making environmental problems worse by our own actions. Unless we change our lifestyle and take the necessary measures, these changes will be impossible to reverse.

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