“Pollution”…are we aware of this threat?


Pollution is rapidly becoming one of the most serious problems of modern society. The enormous steps in technology, science and industry which we have witnessed in recent years have brought with them the problem of pollution. It is sad to reflect that nature is losing its purity because of man’s drive for economic growth. Environmental pollution consists of five basic types of pollution, namely, air, water, soil, noise and light. First of all, air pollution is by far the most harmful form of pollution in our environment.

The air we breathe, especially for those who live in big cities, is polluted. Diesel fumes, car exhaust fumes and smoke from factories all combine to make the air we breathe less healthy. An absence of trees can aggravate the problem because trees provide oxygen, which is vital for animal life. Depression, headaches and fatigue can all be caused when we breathe polluted air. More seriously there is evidence that lung cancer rates are higher in cities with serious atmospheric pollution. Even the most natural phenomenon of migratory birds has been hampered, with severe air pollution preventing them from reaching their seasonal metropolitan destinations of centuries.

Furthermore, water pollution is caused when industrial waste products are released into lakes, rivers and other water bodies .In this way marine life is no longer hospitable. Water supplies are contaminated by waste from industry. Factory waste products often leak into water and in this way millions of fish are killed. Rivers flowing through our cities are subject to chemical pollution. Some rivers are so badly polluted that fish cannot survive in them. Also, modern farming methods are responsible for much water pollution. Artificial fertilizers flow into rivers and poison the water. Noise pollution includes aircraft noise, noise of cars, buses, and trucks, vehicle horns, loudspeakers, and industry noise, which are extremely harmful for the environment.

Moreover there is soil pollution or so called soil contamination which is a result of acid rain, polluted water, fertilizers etc., that leads to bad crops. People carelessly litter city streets, beaches and parks. Food wrappers and containers float on rivers, lakes and seas. The most terrifying form of pollution is the contamination of soil by radioactive waste. Nuclear accidents render soil useless for years. Finally, there is also light pollution that includes light trespass, over-illumination and astronomical interference.

To sum up, all form of pollution act against nature. We are slowly killing the most valuable thing that gives us life. Is this what we mean by progress?


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